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Group of young girls wearing uniforms from male dominated positions


IDreamToBe... part of the next generation
of female leaders.

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Are you a woman working in skilled trades, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) or law enforcement? Interested in mentoring young women into new and exciting careers? Fill out our become a mentor application by clicking the link below.

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"Over the 4 years that they’re in high school to see kids that are either super shy or have some social issues or whatever and then come out of grade 12 like a shining star."
-Larry Koscielsk from @Centerline_Ltd #Sponsor @Team6875
@CBCWindsor @FirstRoboticsCa @JustinTrudeau

I'm so thrilled to have presented at #PropelXL at @UWindsor! Thank you so much to @PropelGradPD for having me out at such a great event, and to everyone who came for tolerating my nonsense.

I'm so thrilled to have presented at #PropelX

"I had no clue how to do #JAVA, I opened the computer and I was like what is this, but now I can program a fully functioning robot."
-Mackenzie from @Team6875
@CBCWindsor @FirstRoboticsCa @firstlikeagirl @Centerline_Ltd @MagnaInt @Covergalls @Microsoft @UWindsor @StClairCollege