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Jamie McMillan in welding helmet.


Jamie McMillan will be our keynote for Build a Dream 2019 Kitchener-Waterloo on April 2, 2019. Jamie started as a journeyman ironworker and kept adding to her skills. She began to volunteer as a speaker to encourage youth to consider careers in skilled trades, which lead to the creation of KickAss Careers. #idreamtobe #webuildadream

Kitchener-Waterloo Event
Group of young girls wearing uniforms


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Are you a woman working in skilled trades, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) or law enforcement? Interested in mentoring young women into new and exciting careers? Fill out our become a mentor application by clicking the link below.

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Wherever it flies, the #CanadianFlag captures a rich history and a bold future. #FlagDay

"Skilled trade careers aren't something to be settled for. They are to be strived for."

8 minutes of truth. 8 minutes worth watching. #TEDTalks #shopclass

Happy Valentine's Day. 💜 Let's talk #Cardiology!
Myra Adele Logan, MD was the 1st woman to operate on a human heart (1943). 👩‍⚕️

She also worked w/ NAACP's Health Committee, New York State Fair Employment Practices, National Cancer Committee, & Planned Parenthood.

Happy Valentine's Day. 💜 Let's talk #