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Founded in 2014, Build a Dream is designed to attract, encourage and empower female students to pursue careers in skilled trades, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), emergency response and entrepreneurship.

Why we exist?

  • We create programs that will encourage young women to consider various career opportunities and make informed decisions.
  • We develop partnerships with sectors to offer hands on camps for young women to experiences these job sectors.
  • We help provide the right tools, resources, and mentorship to young women.
  • We also provide parents with the tools to help their children make informed career choices.
  • Consults with companies in various sectors to help them diversify their workforce.

Did you know?

Parent Feedback:

99% of parents agreed that they were able to gain valuable information that will assist them and their daughters in planning for future career goals

96% of parents would want to participate in this event next year or would recommend this event to others

“It helped me to expand my horizon in careers.”
“A great experience for young women who are unsure of their path!”

Student Feedback:

93% of students agreed that they were able to gain valuable information from a mentor that will help in their career choices

92% of students agreed that they would participate again in this event or encourage others to participate because…

“It’s incredibly informative.”
“I think it’s important for girls my age to learn about careers like this and how to get into them.”

Read more about our impact:

Read Our 2017 Event overview report

our vision

“Empowering young women to make informed decisions by encouraging them to explore all career opportunities.”

Build a Dream Will:

  • Empower young women to consider career pathways under-represented by women
  • Engage parents in the career development of young women
  • Equip young women with the power of choice by providing them access to information, resources, networks, role models and opportunities
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders including education, government, industry and community to help diversify our workforce
  • Consult with companies in various sectors to help create diverse and inclusive working environments
  • Create programs that will help young women in making career informed decisions by helping them explore a variety of career opportunities


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