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Be a Dream Maker Panelist

Build a Dream Panelist

Alyssa Space of ForHer Cosmetics speaks about chemistry, entrepreneurship, and creating balanced spaces.
Alyssa Space of ForHer Cosmetics talks about being a chemist, an entrepreneur, and a student lab educator.

As a Dream Maker panelist, you will provide valuable career insight and advice to young audiences (and their parents). This is done through podcast interviews, Facebook Live Q&As, and at Build a Dream career discovery expos (live and online).

What you share does matter!

Student Feedback

  • “Speakers were so inspiring”
  • “Smart girls. Good stories.”
  • “I learned about female empowerment.”
  • “I got to listen to what a typical day was like for professionals and imagine myself doing similar jobs.”

Parent Feedback

  • “The speakers shared real stories, talked about universal challenges and decision points.”
  • “Excellent, encouraging speakers.”

Interested in applying? The following Dream Maker application allows Build a Dream to collect information on you and your career, and compile a panel that best represents each city that hosts an event.

Panelist Application

Dream Maker panelists share invaluable details about career pathways at a Build a Dream career discovery expo.

WIN Speaker

The Workforce Innovators Network (WIN) offers conferences and organizations a variety of speakers who are available to share best practices for business inclusivity and creating diverse (work)places.

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