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Post Secondary Educators

Post Secondary Educators

We recognize that role that Post Secondary Educators play in helping students plan and excel in their future careers. That is why we have created our signature Career Expos, that highlight careers in Skilled Trades, STEM, Emergency Response, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. Post Secondary institutions have the opportunity to highlight their recruitment opportunities, apprenticeship and pathway programs to set students up for a successful future.


Our Career Expos, connect educators, students and their parents to industry. These events highlight careers in Skilled Trades, STEM, Emergency Response, Entrepreneurship and Leadership and what it takes to work towards a career in one of these fields. Our Expos feature panelists from the industry, that speak directly to students about their experiences, what skills are required, and what the benefits are of working in the industry. Additionally, we highlight specific employees from the community to speak and share their company vision, and how they recruit, attract and attain talent, and other benefits of working with them. Finally, we highlight various post secondary institutions that are leading charge in the industry, and what is required to obtain a diploma or degree to help students land the career of their dreams.

These events are engaging, interactive and packed with resources to set future generations up for success in the workforce.

Post Secondary institutions are invited to participate and sponsor one of our many career expos that we host throughout the year, across Canada to connect with students and build their career pipeline.

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