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#IDreamToBe Successful!

At Build a Dream, we empower and support girls to DREAM big so for #InternationalDayoftheGirl which takes place on October 11, we have launched a photo campaign called #IDreamToBe.

showcases girls under 12 dressed in underrepresented career uniforms.

Group of young girls dressed in male dominated industry uniforms

Young girl in hardhat holding sign My dream is to be an electrician

In 2011, Statistics Canada calculated about 86,000 electricians in Canada, only 1,600 are women.
Currently, women take up 20% of the positions in the mining industry, with 12% filling senior executive positions and 6% in board of director positions.Young girl dressed in hard hat holding up sign My dream is to be working in oil and gas
Young girl in engineer outfit with hard hat holding sign My dream is to be an engineer
5.7% of Canadian Women are mechanical, civil and industrial engineers.

Young girl wearing suit holding sign I dream to be a politician
Only 26% of women have seats in the House of Parliament in Canada
In 2014, there were over 68,896 police officers in Canada, and only 14,175 were women.Young girl wearing police uniform holding sign I dream to be a police officer
Young girl wearing construction uniform holding sign I dream to be a builder
Only 11.7% of Canadian women work in construction.

young girl in lab coat with sign My dream is to be a scientist
30.2% of Women work in Physical science including physics, chemistry, astronomy, and related subjects.
The Air Line Pilots Association, which represents pilots in Canada and the U.S, reported in 2015 that 5.4% of members are women.Young girl dressed in Pilot uniform holding sign My dream is to be a pilot
Young girl dressed as astronaut holding sign My dream is to be an astronaut
Since 1983, 14 Canadians have been selected to become astronauts. Ten are now retired from the Canadian Space Agency. Currently, there are four active Canadian astronauts and only one is a woman.

Young girl dressed as a mechanic holding sign My dream is to be a mechanic
13.1 % of women work in automotive repair and maintenance.
24.2% of computer and information systems professionals in Canada are women.Girl wearing glasses holding sign I dream to be a computer scientist
Young girl wearing welders outfit holding sign My dream is to be a welder
Men accounted for more than 9 out of 10 workers in: transport truck driver; carpenter; automotive service technician, truck and bus mechanic and mechanical repairer; construction trades helper and labourer; welder and related machine operator; electrician; and delivery and courier service driver.

According to the Conference Board of Canada, a shortage of more than one million skilled workers is forecasted by 2020, with an estimated 40% of all new jobs in the skilled trades and technology industries.

Young girl in firefighters uniform holding sign "My dream is to be a firefighter"
Young girl in construction vest holding sign My dream is to be a forester

It’s time for us to shift the numbers, break down the stereotypes and create opportunities for every girl to succeed.
Help our movement inspire, encourage, and empower young women to make informed career decisions.

Join our movement today and make young women’s economic success a priority.

Support the Movement

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