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Adina Kaufman

My Advice

"The biggest advice I can give is not to let yourself or others stand in the way of your dreams."

Adina Kaufman

Position: Firefighter
Company: Toronto Fire Services
City: Toronto

I have been drawn to firefighting ever since I attended nursery school in a church basement next to a fire station – from that early age I dreamed of riding those big red trucks. But as I grew older, I never saw any women on those trucks, and so, without consciously realizing it, I stopped dreaming that dream. I worked hard at school and I wasn’t scared of a challenge. I studied engineering, and I loved using science and technology to solve human problems; yet those truck sirens kept calling to me. After time working as a systems design engineer and a wilderness educator, I finally came to realize that women CAN be firefighters, and so I worked hard – training physically and mentally to become a firefighter. My childhood dream became a reality over 18 years ago. I love my job, where I get paid to do good deeds. I have spent most of my time with Toronto Fire as a frontline operations firefighter, but have also worked in Recruitment & Outreach, Quality Management and Accreditation, and Professional Training & Development. I was recently promoted to the position of Acting Captain and am excited to take on this leadership role in the next stage of my career.

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