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"“Not only are the trades a sustainable option for women, it is also a profitable one. I am passionate about advocating that we start exploring unconventional career options with girls as young as possible and ensure we are exposing them to diverse industries. This means promoting the option of applying to trade school or apprentices as much of an option as teacher’s college or university.""

Alicia Woods

Position: Creator
Company: Covergalls Workwear
City: Sudbary, Ontario, Canada

“Growing up I would spend time with my Father on weekends at our then family-owned and operated shop, Marcotte Mining. Marcotte designs, manufactures and rebuilds underground Mining equipment.

That’s where my interest for Mining and Heavy Equipment started. Fast forward a few decades and am I now the proud General Manager of Marcotte Mining.”

“Inspired by my own mining experience, I caught myself wondering why women working in skilled trades wore garments designed for a male’s body type.

The reason was simple – they didn’t have a choice. There were no coveralls for women available on the market. This is where the idea for Covergalls Workwear was born.

Covergalls creates workwear for women that solves key obstacles like safety, hydration and inclusion. For women working in non-traditional roles, ill-fitted, oversized workwear is a safety hazard on site and underground.

Covergalls workwear creates pieces for women in all industries, that considers the fit of a woman’s body for comfort and safety. Designed with features like a rear trap door and double zippers for easier bathroom breaks, we want women to look and feel as though they fit in. More importantly, we want women to know that they are welcomed and supported.

Covergalls is part of the solution for companies looking to make the shift from a diverse workplace to an inclusive one.”

“You have two choices: you can build someone else’s dream or you can choose to build your own.”

“There is a large part we all play in the way we think about careers and the way we think about gender. As individuals we can start making small changes that one day can make a big difference. As educators, role models, parents and influencers, we have the responsibility of making the skilled trades an exciting option for young girls and women. There is no such thing as ‘boy’ jobs and ‘girl’ jobs and companies like Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations, A Glencore Company or Vale can attest to this.

“Don’t use fear of failure as a reason not to do something”

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