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"Most career paths don't follow a linear route. Promotions don't come when we expect and passions change. Therefore, passion and diligence are two traits that I believe are most important for an individual to have. If we don't love what we do and are not patient (don’t have endurance), we get burned out, we become complacent, scared or even entitled, and stop learning, challenging, and embracing new opportunities. Always have a view, a plan, and endurance to see it through and then reflect on your successes and mistakes. Don’t be afraid to explore."

Camila Fernandes

Position: Director of Corporate Development
Company: Ceridian
City: Minneapolis

My dream career has changed every time I thought I knew what I wanted. Being open-minded to the path I took, attentive to my strengths, dedicated to knock on as many doors as needed, patient to craft my story, and positive in bad & goods days were essential for me to be happy (regardless of the role I had). My brand and my network were essential as well.

In college, I studied everything from Religion, Engineering, Astrology, Math, History and Economics because I had no idea what I wanted to do. I ended up picking Economics, History and Math.

Camila is a Director of Corporate Development at Ceridian. Previously worked at Goldman Sachs on their Technology Investment Banking, Sovereign Risk and Lending teams. Prior, she worked at Moody’s where she performed financial analysis in support of corporate credit ratings. Before moving back to the U.S. to get her Masters in Finance, she lived in China, and was also a Research Analyst at the Ministry of Finance of Brazil.

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