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Candra Burns

My Advice

"Students find and can follow their passion by trying as many things as possible until they find something that resonates with them that they want to do for an extended period of time. We always have time to try new things and go on adventures that inspire us to live our passions. "

Candra Burns

Position: International Social Media Consultant for the Forest Sector
Company: Talking Forests

I went to forestry school in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and I was raised in Washington State with a family invested in Fishing and Logging. I worked as many jobs as possible in the regular 9-5 environment until I decided that I would like to create a business of my own to communicate for the forest sector called Talking Forests since we need a safe unbiased place for people to speak about their adventures in the forest sector. I flew out to Germany with my Air Force husband in 2018 and I am now an international social media consultant. I am a speaker, podcaster, and love teaching others how to achieve their dreams through social media. Since 2015, I have been the WA State Society of American Foresters Communications/Social Media Chair even though I travel and work in any country.

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