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My Advice

"My advice would be to always have an open mind about things. Choose a career that is not only rewarding but challenging. Do not let the physical limitations scare you away there is always another way, and never let anyone tell you "You can't do something" You can do anything you put your mind to. Best choice i ever made was to pursue a career in a skilled trade/engineering field."

Connie Collins

Position: HRAC/Power Engineering Technologist
Company: St Clair College
City: Windsor, Ontario

I have always enjoyed learning about how things work and being able to problem solve and fix things with my hands. I was drawn to the heating, refrigeration and Air Condition trade since I had the ability to problem solve and build things in customers homes that I am proud of. I love that even though you do the same thing every day it is always different as you are always somewhere different working.

The Power Engineering field is also exciting and very rewarding for me. The ability to run and operate boilers to ensure that cities have power, that buildings are operating correctly or that our foods are being processed so we can eat are some of the exciting career paths that an operator can do.

For me, in my current role at St.Clair College, the best part is that I get to pass all of my passion and learning onto to the students to help them succeed and become successful in either one of these career paths.

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