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Deborah Jones

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"Create your own destiny as jobs in most fields are hard to find. Be a leader! If you have an idea, follow through on it and do your homework first. Know that each day is a learning process—you never know what challenges might be coming your way. So never give up — it’s really rewarding for me to look at the magazine each issue (even after 225 editions) and be proud to say — we did it, this is worth all our hard work."

Deborah Jones

Position: President and Publisher
Company: Biz X magazine

I went to University of Western Ontario and Windsor and studied English, Arts and Communication Studies. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and an Honours degree, Bachelor of Arts Communication Studies. I had wanted to go into the television broadcast field but CBC closed suddenly in the 1990s and I found a job at a local magazine. I worked there for 3 years and then was contacted by a headhunter to start a new magazine, which I happily accepted. The Business Exchange was born. It was owned by another company out from Calgary who then decided in 1998 they wanted to pursue other interests. I quickly started my own corporation, kept all the workers and began Biz X magazine. I earned the Entrepreneur of the Year from the Windsor Chamber in 2007 (as of April 2020) and currently am the only woman to date who has earned this amazing honour. In the publishing industry, most other publishers are men so I feel I am blazing the way for female entrepreneurs in this industry.

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