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Delaney Krieger

My Advice

"Don’t be afraid to stand out. It’s hard sometimes when you’re the only female on a job site, but use it to your advantage. Don’t just stand out because you’re a girl, work hard and stand out because you’re good at what you do. If there are people paying attention to you, that’s an opportunity to show them how great you really are. Work hard and nothing can stop you. You’ll also never know what you like and excel at until you try. Take every opportunity you can to try new things and learn, you never know what you might find."

Delaney Krieger

Position: Level One Carpentry Apprentice
Company: Local 494 Carpentry Union

I realized about halfway through high school that I wanted to build things for a living. I wanted to stand back at the end of my day and see something different that I did with my own two hands. I also knew that I wanted to make a difference, inspire people to create change. Being a woman in the skilled trades gives me the opportunity to do both. It gives me the opportunity to create things while also breaking gender stereotypes. I want to see a world where I’m not a female carpenter, I’m just a carpenter. I know how important it is to have female representation in a male-dominated workplace. I actually attended the Build a Dream event twice throughout my high school career and it inspired me and gave me the opportunity to network with employers. Build a Dream is what got me in contact with Local 494 and got me set up with my apprenticeship. I hope to help young women like me realize their potential in the skilled trades.

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