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Mentor Profile

Dr Sirin

My Advice

"Explore as many options as you can and don't be scared of anything! "

Dr. Sirin Chaker

Position: Dentist
Company: Self Employed
City: Windsor, Ontario

I actually struggled a lot until I found something I wanted to pursue! I changed my major in university a few times before I settled on Biochemistry and Biotechnology. When I was in high school, I wanted to study astronomy. I didn’t see much opportunity or a clear path for me to pursue that field so my passion for space didn’t last long. I then wanted to be a teacher. I always enjoyed tutoring younger kids and thought that would be the career for me.

When I was in university, I decided to take different science classes to see what I liked the most. I enjoyed Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry the most. I was determined to be a science teacher. As I further went along in my undergraduate career I wanted to be a professor and decided to explore the track of getting a masters and PhD degree. That’s when I realized I couldn’t do this! I did a thesis study during my undergraduate studies at the University of Windsor. I realized that my passion for science had to be coupled with human interaction or else I was not thriving in a lab setting! I couldn’t imagine myself spending most of my career in lab work. That’s when I started to shadow different professionals. I explored medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry.

I shadowed different professionals to see their daily life routines. I hated the first dentist I shadowed because I thought he was mean and rude. I also hated blood and to this day fear needles. I know, crazy! Then I shadowed a pediatric dentist and I fell in love with her. I wanted to be her at all cost!

I also love working with my hands. Growing up, I used to etch on glass and loved assembling furniture. I also liked to sew and draw. My love for science and passion for working with my hands in an artistic manner were met in dentistry. It was the perfect fit for me and I’m very thankful for the support that I got over the years to help me get to where I am today.

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