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Frances Vaiopoulos Karulas

My Advice

"Try EVERYTHING before deciding what your true passion is. Be open to new experiences and don't pigeon-hole yourself early. You can have interests in many things and you won't know what's a great fit until you've tried different experiences/courses/jobs. Also be willing to change career paths if the one you're on isn't living up to what you envisioned (within reason of course!!)- you career will be long, it's better to spend an extra year or two in university rather than end up doing something that's not really of interest to you."

Frances Vaiopoulos Karulas

Position: Software developer; Senior Backend Engineer
Company: League Inc.
City: Toronto

I was born in Greece and came to Canada when I was 4 years old. I’ve lived in Toronto my whole life and fell into computer science somewhat by accident. I had been studying Microbiology when I decided to take a computer course in my 2nd year to fill some timetable space. That single course ended up changing my whole career trajectory. I stayed an extra year at UofT to finish the computer science courses to finish with a CS degree and have worked in the computer programming industry ever since.

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