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Heba Khalife

My Advice

"You must understand what drives you first. What do yo want to be known for? What legacy would you like to leave behind? Remind yourself of these when you find yourself lacking motivation. Creating connections, participating at events and meeting mentors will help the passion become reality. Find ways to stay connected even if the actual job or school opportunities are not present or an option at that time. Creating a great community and support system is key to staying on track. Always fight for yourself, advocate for yourself, and learn to do so in an effective way. Do the work. If you do this - it is only a matter of time and persistence."

Heba Khalife

Position: Entrepreneur - Recruiter/Owner
Company: HK Staffing Solutions
City: Toronto

After working in HR and recruitment for ten years, I decided to leave work and enroll in a Masters of Education: Social Justice Education program. I had been passionate about social justice and finally made a decision to learn more about how I can use this passion and desire for justice and become an agent for change. Throughout my program, I have not only learned how to identify systemic biases, but to also come up with creative solutions to these issues. I have learned how to listen to and teach folks from all types of diverse and under-served communities and backgrounds. I have learned how different life experiences shape a person and how I can help to accommodate, support, and teach all peoples.

Now that my Masters program is complete, I am working on my business (HK Staffing Solutions) where I am hired as a freelance headhunter/recruiter, and I am also looking to work in diversity, equity, and inclusion work in corporate environments or higher education where I can bring these skills and experience in. I ensure that I focus on equity and uplifting marginalized communities in everything I do.

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