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"Whatever education you decide to pursue, try to get as much education in that field as you can. Be and remain hardworking. Regardless of the educational choice you make, once you start working, be flexible and open-minded about new opportunities. Use your instincts and do not hesitate to make well thought out changes to your career path, even if it is not in your field of study. Practice and polish your communication skills and take some calculated risks to improve your position. I have made lateral moves that led to promotions I did not expect or see coming. "

Helga Reidel

Position: President & CEO
Company: ENWIN Utilities Ltd and the ENWIN Group of Companies
City: Windsor,Ontario, Canada

As a professional accountant (CPA, CA) I was privileged to find opportunities in a variety of business sectors throughout my 36 year career (so far!).   It provided me with the tools and skills to make changes and carry past skills into new roles.  My parents encouraged me to take accounting as part of my business degree and I am very glad they did. It is not all about the numbers.. it is very much about people too.

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