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"I would encourage any young women looking to venture into the trades to consider HVAC/R, Plumbing or Electrical. You will be guaranteed a rewarding long term career where you can make an impact."

Karissa Hayes

Position: Sales Manager
Company: Naylor Building Partnerships Inc.
City: Oakville, Ontario, Canada

After graduating university I began a position at a recruitment and consulting firm within their engineering division. After recruiting and selling in this environment for a couple of years I applied to work in outside sales for Naylor. I was initially hired for HVAC/R business development. Over the past six and a half years with Naylor I have learned so much about the industry and began working in our Compressed Air Division and I am now the regional sales manager for South-Western Ontario. I am currently managing a sales team who are dedicated to promoting the importance of preventative maintenance and service on mechanical systems.

I would encourage young women to explore all of the various trade lines. Licensed technicians, plumbers and electricians are in very high demand in Ontario. Most candidates looking for an apprenticeship are able to secure jobs right out of school, many of which become full time positions once fully licensed.

Before coming to Naylor I didn’t realize how lucrative and rewarding the trades can be. It is an empowering industry to work in and it is a necessary service for all facilities. After attending Conestoga College’s program for Environmental Systems and Facility Management I have been able to expand my knowledge to have a more holistic view of building systems and how each component is so essential. I think that having a background in building technologies and controls would certainly give a young student a head start prior to selecting a trade line. Technology is rapidly changing and having knowledge of these systems would certainly make for a well rounded technician.

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