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"It's your life... live it the way you want to. If this is what you see yourself wanting to do, then do it! It's your life and if you're not happy with what you're doing everyday, you'll be miserable about everything! "

Lanna Blok

Position: Mold designer
Company: Toolplas systems
City: Oldcastle, Ontario, Canada

I got involved in my profession by starting in OYAP in high school only I didn’t start at the normal grade level… I started in my 12th year.

Once I started the program, I had low hopes in getting a position. I had two interviews and one guy even told me to go start babysitting because he didn’t see me being qualified being so small and a girl. When I got to Toolplas it was a nice and welcoming environment and I did 6 months at Plant 2 and learned all I needed about detailing and prints; then I moved on to Plant 1 where we do most of the mold making. I liked it just as much but I wasn’t too big on the getting dirty aspect anymore, so a few people had encouraged me to apply for a design apprentice when we have internal hiring at my company.

Luckily I got the job and they trained me on Cimatron. I found that the work I did on the floor really helped me advance in my career and if it wouldn’t have been for OYAP and me being motivated to do what i wanted, I wouldn’t have given any of it a try.


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