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"Engage your self in volunteer and extracurricular opportunities to provide experiences that will help you decide what you are truly passionate about! Once you find something that you like to continue to involve your self in projects, courses and volunteer opportunities in that field to hone your skills, confirm your passion and strengthen your resume!"

Lissa Schoot Uiterkamp

Position: Education and Youth Engagement Coordinator
Company: Landscape Ontario
City: Milton, Ontario, Canada

After attending the University of Guelph for Landscape Architecture and while attending the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture I participated in a Come Alive Outside Design Challenge. During this challenge, I worked as part of a school team, where together with elementary students, teachers and a landscape company for guidance we created a design for a natural outdoor play space for the students of the school. By engaging in this extracurricular in school I became absolutely inspired by the work being done by Come Alive Outside and Landscape Ontario and made the connections that lead me to the job I have today!

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