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"I believe a career should be a lifestyle. Deciding for future career should be about finding your passion and identifying your passion in pursuing it into our work lives. For example, you might love writing. But writhing about what? Have a full understanding of what opportunities are out there and the skills and experiences required for them. Does that line up with your existing interests or point toward new ones? Figuring out the skills one wants to use and develop and the work one would like to do takes time and experimentation, but it's a practical way to find out what one actually wants out of a job and will help ground your interests and guide you in your future steps."

Louisa Acsiniuc

Position: Control Systems Project Engineer
Company: Con-Syst-Int Group Inc
City: Windsor, Ontario

Following into my father’s steps.

I was excited to go visit his work and restless to understand the expectations and future of this
profession from my perspective in pursuing it as my career.

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