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Mahogany Etue

My Advice

"I would encourage young women not to be afraid to get in to a profession that hasn’t been typical for females in the past, my job has taught me that females are just as capable. It has been such an enjoyable and rewarding experience working this field."

Mahogany Etue

Position: Industrial Electrician Apprentice, Maintenance Technician
Company: TRQSS
City: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

I have been with TRQSS for 18 years. I started out working on the floor in assembly and then moved on to working on an automated line where I became very interested in the technical way the machines worked.I started to train as a back up technician on the line I was working on at the time, which grew my interest even more. I was then given the opportunity to be a part of learning and launching a brand new automated buckle where I became a lead technician. I was able to work closely with the engineers and maintenance department, which gave me the chance  to learn a lot of information that helped me achieve considerable success  in my position. when the chance to apply for an industrial electrician apprenticeship came up, I took it right away.



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