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Meghan McBride

My Advice

"It's great to have a clear goal but also be open to redirection. It's also perfectly okay to try a few things until you find what fits best "

Meghan McBride

Position: Vice President- Strategic Accounts - Healthcare, Education & Government
Company: Tarkett North America
City: Whitby

It started out with a very defined goal of becoming a residential Interior Designer. I even had dreams of a product line with my name on it at the Bay. After two years of practice I was re-directed into Healthcare Design. I never expected to love it as much as I did. Creating hospitals is a complex business. If I really wanted to continue to have impact in the P3 model it meant switching to the construction side. Being a GC and working directly with Subtrades was the best learning experience. I found a lot of what I heard about being a woman in the Construction industry proved to be untrue. After a few years I was redirected again, this time into the flooring industry that supports large infrastructure projects. What I love best about this type of role is I get to experience the best of both worlds- design and construction. I feel like I have really found my niche

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