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Natalie Packer

My Advice

"I knew after one day of observing in a pharmacy, I knew I liked it. I would encourage young women to test things out, to take advantage of opportunities that allow them to get a feel for what they think they would like to pursue. I think it is important to enjoy what you do; to focus on what you want to contribute, not so much on if you fit what is being asked of you. Something that had been very exciting about my current role is that we have written our own job descriptions because what we are doing has never been done before. How do you think your community would be better? What can you do to make that happen? And how does that translate into a job?"

Natalie Packer

Position: Primary Care Pharmacist
Company: Team Care Centre
City: Windsor

I had interest in chemistry and math so became a pharmacist. However, I was not completely fulfilled so continued to get certified in other areas of interest, namely mental health and addictions. I wrote a book about my own mental health, spoke about it, and joined activities that would promote well-being for all. When Team Care opened up, a colleague knew the director and immediately contacted me to tell me about it. The next week, I was hired.

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