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"Be willing to learn and listen to yourself. Find out how your strength applies to everyday needs and make it your career. And while you're at it, realize that nothing is set in stone, so don’t be afraid to question the status quo, break the barriers, evolve, and grow."

Nathalie McFadden

Position: Entrepreneur
Company: Nathalie M Creative

Growing up, I found my strengths in both design and technical abilities. Through much self-analysis, my career path evolved and led me into web design/programming, design and photography.

Throughout my career, many opportunities arise to test these abilities. What evolved were soft skills that opened the door to entrepreneurship: listen and communicate clearly, problem-solving, team building, flexibility and adapting to change, work ethic and time management.

These soft skills were the foundation that support my business. They also helped establish trust with my clients while they shared their business vision working with me.

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