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Sarah Humphrey

My Advice

"Don't limit yourself to a single career path, continue to learn and explore throughout your education and career so that you can take advantage of every exciting opportunity."

Sarah Humphrey

Position: Digital Marketing Manager
Company: Lashbrook Marketing and Public Relations
City: London, Ontario, Canada

I completed my undergraduate degree at Western in Physiology & Anatomy Cell Biology. Then moved on to completed a Masters in Physiology & Pharmacology (research based) at Robarts in the Molecular Brain Research Group. I wanted to pursue a role that was more heavily focused on the communication of research rather than the execution. So while defending my thesis, I began a post-grad certification in marketing management, which had a number of courses on digital marketing. I found that my ability to process data and think analytically made me well suited for digital marketing. The metrics available within the field are very robust but it still requires strong communications skills to explain the relatively new tactics. I’ve been working within the digital marketing field ever since (5+ years). At Lashbrook, which specializes in facilitating communications for health care and health-related charities (among other things), I am able to use both of my areas of expertise.

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