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"t's okay not to know yet – no matter what age you are. It's okay to explore a variety of field before making a final decision. It's okay to change your mind. Volunteer in the field before applying for the job to make sure this is the right field for you. Never give up despite all the setbacks."

Stacey Ottley

Position: Probation and Parole Officer
Company: Ministry of Commuity Safety and Correctional Services
City: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

I’ve always been interested in corrections. While completing my undergraduate degree in Sociology, I volunteered at a federal transition home for women in conflict with the law. This opportunity increased my interest in this field. I decided to return to school for a masters degree whereby my courses were all focused on social justice. I applied to be a Federal Correctional Officer in Kingston however I did not do well on my interview. I decided to not give up hope and keep trying. In 2015, a Probation and Parole Officer position was available in Chatham. Even though I did not want to work in that city, it was an opportunity to try to secure a position in this field. I was qualified enough to pass the interview and was offered full time employment.

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