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Tashea Yucca Albano

My Advice

"Never be afraid to explore different careers and opportunities as it will help you decide on what you really want. Take risks. Exploring different fields that may be outside of your comfort zone could sometimes be beneficial to you because you learn more about yourself. It helps you grow as an individual and gain another perspective. Your journey to your future career is not a race. Work towards your goals at your own pace and always focus on your own progress without comparing it to others. Find a great mentor that can help guide you in your journey to success. Finally, always be confident in all that you do and empower other young women like you as well!"

Tashea Yucca Albano

Position: Student Researcher
Company: Faculty Of Science, University Of Windsor
City: Windsor, Ontario

I knew I have always loved the sciences since I was a little girl. Growing up, homemade science experiments were a great hobby of mine until I finally experienced real laboratory work from my high school science courses.

I graduated from Assumption College Catholic High School with the International Baccalaureate Program diploma and am now currently a 4th-year student at the University of Windsor studying Health and Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Psychology. With a passion for applying my knowledge through hands-on experiments, I was inspired by a close mentor of mine to join a research lab.

I started to volunteer in Dr Barbara Zielinski’s olfactory neurobiology lab in my second year of undergrad. I continued to work in the lab assisting graduate students until I began my own thesis research project. Under the great supervision of Dr Zielinski and motivational mentorship from the graduate students of Z-lab, I continue to grow my interest and passion for research in neurobiology.

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