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Keynotes, Consulting & SHSM

Along with a history of providing quality programming for families, Build a Dream provides keynote speakers, panelists, and other resources for industry and education. The non-profit’s staff are experts in a variety of areas that can be beneficial to your organization including workforce development and audience engagement.

In addition to consulting services, if your company is looking to create a balanced workforce, a corporate partnership with Build a Dream can demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion. Contact us today to learn more!

SHSM Programs

Whether your students are heading heading for apprenticeship training, college, university, or the workplace, Build a Dream can offer useful training for your Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM) students through certification workshops or conferences.

SHSM Certification Workshops

What we will need: Room and projector
What we offer: Certificate of completion
Certificate choice: One
Two Certifications, Plus an Optional Lunchtime Social or Career Discovery Activity

What we will need
: Room and projector
What we offer: Certificates of completion

Certificate choice: one
Certificate choice: two
Lunch social/Career discovery activity

SHSM Conferences

TWO Certifications, Partner Site Tour, Lunch, & Experiential Career Discovery.

What We Will Need:
Room and Projector
What We Offer:
Certificates of Completion

Certificate Choice One
Partner Site Tour
Certificate Choice Two
Interactive Career Discovery Talk

Includes a combination of certifications, your choice of a keynote speaker or career discovery activity, and industry partner facility tour

- No limit on numbers; multiple schools welcome
- Inspiring speaker to open or close the event

What We Offer:
Certificates of Completion

Certificate Choice One
Keynote Speaker/ Interactive Career Discovery Talk
Certificate Choice Two
Industry Partner Facility Tour

Build A Dream Special

TWO Certifications, Lunch, Digital Career Discovery Expo, & Career Discovery Activity.

What We Will Need:
Room and Projector
What We Offer:
Certificates of Completion

Certificate Choice One
Career Discovery Activity
Certificate Choice Two
Download Digital Career Discovery Expo

Innovation, Creativity, & Entrepreneurship (I.C.E.) Training

Choose from the following SHSM Programs to conduct I.C.E. Training at an industry partner site:

  • Business
  • Construction
  • ICT
  • Manufacturing 
  • Not for Profit 
  • Transportation 
  • Aviation & Aerospace


8:30AM-9:00AM: Depart school to industry partner site


  • Students Arrive (approx. 5 mins)
  • Welcome & Introductory activity to meet students and instructor (approx.10 minutes)
  • Pre-Training Assessment survey (approx.15 minutes)


  • Explanation of what I.C.E training is and what to expect for the rest of the day (approx. 5 mins)
  • Meet sector partner: (approx. 10 mins)
  • Brief introduction on industry, the company and employees
  • Career choices within company
  • Personal career path stories

09:45AM-10:15AM: Sector partner facility tour

10:15AM: Announcing the challenge

10:15AM-11:00AM: GEAR ONE: Empathy & Need Finding Activity

Trainer will choose one activity:

  • Observation
  • Open-ended interviews
  • Experience

11:00AM-11:30AM: Shifting Gears: Transitioning from Gear 1 to Gear 2

Students will share individual experiences, stories and observations and brainstorm an unmet need

11:30AM-12:00PM: LUNCH

12:00PM-1:15PM: GEAR TWO

12:00-12:30PM: Brainstorming

12:30-1:15PM: Ideation & Prototyping Activities

Trainer will choose one of the following:

  • Mash-up
  • Sketch
  • Build
  • Role Play

1:15PM-1:35PM: Shifting Gears: Transitioning from Gear 2 to Gear 3


1:35PM-2:10PM: GEAR THREE: Strategy & Testing Activities

            Trainer will choose one of the following:

  • Value exchange
  • Strategic choices
  • Testing

2:10PM-2:40PM: Shifting Gear: Transitioning from Gear 3 to Sharing Innovations


  • Sharing innovations (approx. 15mins)
  • Feedback from the sector partner (approx. 10 mins)

3:10PM-3:20PM: Wrap-up and Post-Training Assessment

3:20PM-3:30PM: Feedback from students on their experience

3:30PM: Departure

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