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“I didn’t know these careers existed”


As a national non-profit, we use our network to connect four key areas of a career path.


Our programs

Inform YOUNG WOMEN about opportunities and planning their career path

Aid EDUCATORS with new career resources and professional development

Assist INDUSTRY to fill skills gaps and retain talent

Through strengthening the career journey in all areas, across all sectors, we are able to work towards the end goal of building a diverse workforce

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What we do

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Students & Parents

How to get work experience

What is youth apprenticeship? What is co-op

Explore careers
Get the career guide

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Host a career discovery expo

Student workshops

Professional development workshops

Teaching resources

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Recruiting for Diversity

Create a talent pipeline

Building an Inclusive Culture Workshop

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Professional Development Workshop

Become a speaker

Become an ambassador Find a job

Become an ambassador Find a job

Become an ambassador Find a job

Become an ambassador Find a job

Become an ambassador Find a job

Become an ambassador Find a job

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Did you know that skills gaps in the workplace and corporate strategies to create a more inclusive culture are intertwined? If your HR department is struggling with recruiting, it might be time to build a diversification strategy that allows you to find talent in new talent pools .that naturally lead to changing a workplace culture

Check out our top podcasts with guests who share business strategies for talent pipeline development, and advice for creating diversity and inclusion programs that .can lead to a good workplace culture

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