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Women in Industry Photoshoot 2021

Women in Industry

To help break down gender stereotypes about certain types of jobs, Build a Dream partnered with professional photographer Heike Delmore to capture images of professional women working in careers where they are often underserved.

“We need to confront how others see these jobs and also how young women see themselves,” said Nour Hachem-Fawaz, President & Founder, Build a Dream.

Photographer Heike Delmore has worked on several projects with Build a Dream and donated her time and talent to the Women in Industry series. When asked why she would gift her services, Delmore said, “After getting my Hon B.Sc. I continued on to study computer programming and mixed it with my love for design. At the time there weren’t very many women in that industry. Bringing more awareness and visibility to these industries, I believe will make a huge difference in the future.”

It’s time to show off the opportunities that are out there. It’s time to highlight women in these roles. It’s time to make connections for students and families to demonstrate that there are multiple ways to reach your dreams.

Media and organizations that wish to access the photos in the image bank can contact Build a Dream for more information. Organizations who do use the images are to credit “Heike Delmore/Build a Dream” for the photos.

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