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Diversifying the thought leadership within your team can increase your team’s capacity to consider new perspectives, to think outside the box, and to develop innovative new ideas that push your business forward.

The Workforce Initiative (WIN) is a place for you to join the movement and demonstrate your commitment to creating a more balanced workplace. 

Our team collaborates with speakers and community leaders to share best practices for business inclusivity and offers that information and expertise for organizations to access.

Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce

The Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce is a non-partisan group made up of community members and leaders with years of professional and lived experience in D&I efforts and working with underrepresented populations. The Taskforce aims to empower and support Windsor-Essex communities to lead changes they would want to see in the pursuit of greater diversity, inclusion, and representation.

The Taskforce’s initiatives will focus on essential needs, accessibility, measuring diversity within boards and workplaces, assisting with expanding diverse talent pools, public education on political engagement, and address media representation for all Windsor-Essex community voices.


The role of this Taskforce is to provide strategic steps and lead initiatives that build institutional diversity and inclusion strategies.

Leaders of the strategy will provide best practices that:

  • Enhances awareness of local issues and concerns related to diversity, inclusion, and representation that represents various themes within the community
  • Creates advocates and community changemakers
  • Collects and analyses data to increase Windsor-Essex focused research
  • Cultivates individual and neighbourhood/community leadership
  • Supports organizations, leadership, and governments to strengthen diversity, inclusion, and representation
  • Holds organizations, leadership, and governments accountable to identify and remove systemic barriers and strive toward greater diversity, inclusion, and representation in a meaningful, sustained, and responsive manner


  • Political representation: Ensuring representation on the local political level; working with the community council to identify potential entry points and/or strategies for building an inclusive community.
  • Workforce participation: Working towards a collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment that increases the participation and contribution of all employees. Ensuring equal access to opportunity, representation at all levels of organization(s), and providing access to diversity and inclusion training/recommendations.
  • Access to essential needs: healthcare, transportation, education: Ensuring equal and fair access to essential needs, providing a platform for individuals with lived experience to drive recommendations regarding accessibility.
  • Board representation: public and private: Ensuring institutional support for promoting inclusion, representation, and equity.
  • Media, public relations, and awareness: Contributing to the discussion of representation and diversity within media, community, narratives, and working towards providing recommendations to further ensure all voices are expressed.

Diversity and Inclusion is crucial to the success of communities, institutions and systems alike and more so, the wellbeing of residents. Oftentimes, D&I can unearth uncomfortable conversations that need to be faced head-on.

Partnership Organizations

Taskforce Members

Nour Hachem Fawaz
Irene Moore Davis
Nicole Anderson
Justin Falconer
Joan Simpson
Tammy Fryer
Yvonne Pilon
David Lenz
Cynthia Chemello
Jenin Al Taher
Jonathan Azzopardi
Myriam Soto
Kossi Dodjro
Lori Jeffery
Omolade Williams
Samantha Dalo
Aimee Hartigan
Hiba Hamed
Naomi Levitz
Charolette Lefrank
Evelina Baczewska
Noah Tepperman
Vicki Housten

Taskforce Next Steps

  • Collect data, set goals, and complete metrics
  • Solidifying projects to be launched in the next few months
  • Develop website for community members to see updates and access information

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