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Our Story

We are a national non-profit organization dedicated to advancing diversity, and inclusion initiatives to ensure equitable opportunities for EVERYONE to succeed.

Since our inception in 2014, we have delivered programs to inspire young women, providing confidence, filling skill gaps and offering a new perspective for problem-solving. But despite our best efforts, the fact is; there are still many barriers holding young women back from career opportunities in skilled trades, STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), emergency response, entrepreneurship, and advancing women in society. And at this current rate of growth, women’s representation in senior management roles will take 147 years to reach equal opportunity.

The unfortunate reality is, this diversity gap in industry is depriving Canadian businesses of the thought innovation that diversity brings.


Our team collaborates with speakers, community leaders and businesses, to inspire female students, women and under-represented communities through virtual conferences, Career Expo’s, workshops and hands on activities.

We connect industry directly to students, facilitating awareness and career exploration. Helping businesses attract, recruit and fill their talent pipeline, while also supporting them to advance their talent as the business grows for the future. Additionally, we focus our passion and expertise on providing resources, workshops and best practices to businesses, driving diversity and inclusion initiatives across all industries.

We are all in, to explore innovative paths in creating synergy and a winning workforce!

With the support of our change-makers like yourself, we can continue to close the workforce gender gap, and lead diversity and inclusion initiatives across Canada, and across the world.



Nour Hachem Fawaz


President and Founder

Nour draws on 10 years of experience as a workforce advisor, mentor, and influencer to inspire youth to make informed career choices that challenge the status quo. Her outreach and advocacy has resulted in numerous awards including the University of Windsor’s Alumni Association “Odyssey Award”, the Women’s Enterprise Skills Training of Windsor (WEST) “Innovation Award”, and the Leadership Windsor Essex “Alumni Award of Distinction”.



Branding Manager

Seba attended St.Clair College for Graphic Design, University of Windsor for Communication Studies and Centre for Creative Studies for Art Direction. She has over 2 decades of experience in branding and design, publishes her own journal series titled “The Journey”, and has given a TEDx talk in Dubai, UAE. Seba’s aim is to inspire action, shift perspectives, open minds and hearts, and connect. 



Content and Events Coordinator

Catrina holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Communication, Media and Film studies from the University of Windsor and a Post Graduate Certificate in Social Media Marketing from Conestoga College. She runs her own YouTube channel called Ninni’s Thoughts and recently organized a virtual wellness retreat called “Courage, My Love” to help people process the mental effects of COVID-19.



Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeping

Angela received her bachelor’s degree as Chemical Engineer and Hydrocarbon Production Specialist from the Universidad Industrial Santander in Colombia. She has over 11 years of experience in the energy field with knowledge in technical and administrative planning so as management of the execution of operational and capital costs. She also has expertise project management, project execution and cost control. As a newcomer who just started to build a career in Canada, Angela loves to connect with other people and encourage them to make their careers dreams come true.



Chair of the Board  Teresa Piruzza, External Affairs, FCA CanadaVice Chair of the Board  
SecretaryJonathon Azzopardi, President, Laval
Board MemberFrank Abbruzzese, President, AlphaKOR | Co-Founder, WEtech Network Alliance
Board MemberDina D’Andrea, Associate, Bezaire & Associates

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