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May 27th Build A Dream From Home Edition

Your own living room

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Need a New Career?

If you are 18+ and live in the Greater Toronto Area, Work Based Learning Consortium has an excellent opportunity for building your new future.

Get certified as a Level 1 CNC Machinist with a 26-week FREE training program and full-time job!

  • In-Demand Skills – Advanced manufacturing companies in the GTA area are hiring CNC machinists.
  • Financial Independence – Trainees start around $20-22/hour. Experienced machinists average $26/hr!
  • Debt-Free Learning – Earn while you train via ‘blended e-Learning’ and on-the-job.

If you have some experience and comfort with working in a manufacturing/production environment, apply today!

To get more information, click here to download the flyer.

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Share your career journey and industry insight with young women as they explore exciting career opportunities. As a Dream Maker Panelist your messages help students (and their parents) make more-informed decisions about the future.

Build a Dream panelist


How Build a Dream can help your career path, useful resources, and upcoming events.



What Build a Dream is and why you should attend and be a part of the movement.



Access information about Build a Dream, useful resources, and education tools.



How to get involved, business testimonials, and resources to help build your own "Dream Team".


Colin Toop
The creator and host of the “Tools of the Trade” Podcast

Tune in to the Tools of The Trade Podcast

To balance the workforce we don’t just need female champions…we also need male champions like Colin Toop. On Colin’s podcast, Tools of the Trade, he shares stories from construction professionals and works to change perceptions and break with the status quo. This includes highlighting women in trades and discussing what it takes to fill skills gaps.

Build a Dream is pleased to announce a partnership with Tools of the Trade. We are proud to partner on this initiative and sponsor each ‘Woman in Industry’ spotlight on the podcast. Together we can increase awareness around the need for quality resources, support, and diversity in construction and skilled trades. 

NEW ~ Facebook Live interviews

Interview: Sabrina Gomez

Sabrina Gomez joined us to talk about how her inquisitive nature took her into Aerospace Engineering, what she did to prepare for her career, and what advice she has for other young women who might be considering STEM careers.

Interview: Chuck Stoffle maker space teacher, Chuck Stoffle, joins us to talk about how we can keep young women in STEM. They address the topic of embracing mistakes and self-esteem building at an educational institution, as well as different approaches to teaching STEM, learning from students achievements and embracing the mistakes that teach us better approach.

Interview: Delaney Krieger

Carepentry apprentice Delaney Krieger. Delaney revealed what it is like to work in a male-dominated field, how joining the Carpenters and Joiners Local 494 has changed her life, and how this career led her to financial independence at the age of 20.


International Day of the Girl: YES SHE CAN, YES WE CAN!

Join us as we host our third annual International Day of the Girl event, virtually! Log in from the comfort of your couch, kitchen table or even your bed to hear from young women, and female trailblazers that speak about the steps we need to take to help young women create gender equity in the workplace.

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Be a Dream Maker

Are you a woman working in skilled trades, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) emergency response or are you an entrepreneur? Interested in mentoring young women into new and exciting careers? Fill out our Dream Maker application by clicking the link below.

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