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Build a Dream’s president and founder, Nour Hachem-Fawaz, hosts Perfectly Unfiltered, generating open conversations with real people who share real stories about redefining roles at home and in the workplace.

Find out what change-makers are doing to open the doors for women, and learn the realities of what it takes to create a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Together we can build a community where we all win.

You can find the Perfectly Unfiltered podcast here or find using your favourite podcast app.

Top Career Podcast Episodes

  • Episode 016: Jessica Van Royen, Electrician, CUSW – Jessica was laid off from her manufacturing job and noticed that co-workers in skilled trades easily found new jobs. She pursued an apprenticeship with CUSW to ensure that she’d never be left underskilled again.
  • Episode 006: Jennifer Seberras, CEO, Simplify SCS – Jennifer is truly a trailblazer and a courageous woman, breaking molds and barriers. A member of our #HerPower Council, Jennifer is a champion of challenging the norm. As she rose through the ranks of different companies she noticed there were not many women occupying significant roles in transportation, operations, and supply chain…and certainly not any black women. Jennifer decided to create the change that she wanted to see.
  • Episode 004: Delaney Krieger, Carpentry Apprentice – Delaney is an apprentice with Carpenters Union Local 494. She shares what it’s like to work in a male-dominated field, how the career changed her life, and how it feels to be financially independent at the age of 20. You can also read what Delaney’s career is like 1 year later in her follow-up blog.

Be a Guest

Do you want to be considered as a guest for Perfectly Unfiltered? If you work in a field where women are lacking representation, or if you are part of an initiative to balance the workforce, we want to hear your story.

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