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Building a balanced Canadian workforce means connecting partners at all levels. Build a Dream is the connector for career recognition and funneling new candidates into your talent pipeline.

Sponsors benefit from:

  • Exclusive recognition across multiple channels including events and print materials
  • Opportunity to contribute to committees, presentations, and expos
  • Attend exclusive events
  • Alignment with like-minded businesses
  • Sponsorship that fits your brand

If you are a leader in your organization, and you are looking for ways to get involved with Build a Dream, contact Build a Dream today. Together we can build a more diverse and inclusive future!


Our Corporate sponsors allow our programs to grow nationwide, and allow us to provide more opportunities to young women, their parents and educators, as we guide women on their career discovery journey. When it comes to Corporate Sponsorship, the opportunities are endless, anything from in kind, to donation and sponsorship.

Take a look at our new Corporate Sponsorship packages to see our offerings. Looking for something more? Connect with our Sponsorship Coordinator info@webuildadream.com


Do you have an outstanding member on your team? Someone who can provide insight and advice to young audiences? Encourage them to be part of our Dream Maker panel. Our panelists speak at career discovery expos and talk about their industry, the education required for the job, and their own career path; this insight helps guide and inspire young women.


We invite you, or a representative from your organization to join our newly formed #HerPower Council. Women are largely under-represented  in the following fields: skilled trades,  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics),  Emergency Response and Entrepreneurship.  

If you, or your business is in one of these industries we invite you to be a part of our #HerPower Council. It is here where we meet every 2 months to connect as  industry professionals, to discuss  strategic direction, resources and  support for women in connecting them  to new career paths.  The #HerPower Council is a great opportunity for your organization to educate young women about your organization today, while connecting with new talent for the future.

Join us to empower young women, and  fuel the #herpower we know women have.


  • Women in skilled  trades, STEM (Science,  Technology, Engineering  and Mathematics),  emergency response and  entrepreneurship. 
  • A one year commitment to the council
  • Bi-Monthly Meeting attendance 
  • Participation in organizational initiatives 

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