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Mentor Profile

Elizabeth Moses

My Advice

"Try new things. Explore opportunities in school. Challenge yourself and don't be afraid of failure. Take failure as a lesson for self improvement."

Elizabeth Moses

Position: General Machinist Apprentice
Company: Windsor Mold Group
City: Windsor, Ontario

In high school, I was part of the robotics team. My role on the team was constructing and machining components for the robotics competition.

I graduated from Assumption last year and I decided to the Precision Metal Cutting Pre-apprenticeship program at St.Clair.

This year, I graduated from the Pre-apprenticeship, which allowed me to completed Level 1 of General Machinist apprenticeship. been an apprentice for 7 months at the Windsor Mold Group. I am attending classes at the College for Level 2.

I am proud to be a mentor for young women in the community. I enjoy volunteering and promoting skilled trades in schools.