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Parents & Students

Parents & Students

For parents & students, starting the career discovery process can be incredibly daunting. We here to support parents, to help them and their children discover non-traditional careers, and the infinite possibilities that come with laying the foundation for a sustainable career.

Through our Career Expos, Career Guide, and Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM), students can start their career discovery journey, and work towards building the essential skills and work habits, that will guide them to a successful future.

Additionally, we have created specific programs that help young girls to build their confidence, and how confidence can help them with their career choice, and utilizing that confidence to build a successful, and profitable career. We work together with parents, and their children to realize their potential, and unlock the doors to infinite career opportunities.

“100% of survey respondents indicated that their parents were their primary source for career planning guidance”

Build a dream survey- 2019


Our Career Expos, directly connects educators, students and their parents to industry in the Skilled Trades, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), creating a pipeline between students and employers.

Our Expos feature panelists from the industry, that speak directly to students about their experiences, what skills are required, and what the benefits are of working in the industry. Additionally, we highlight specific employees from the community to speak and share their company vision, and how they recruit, attract and attain talent, and other benefits of working with them. Finally, we highlight various post secondary institutions that are leading charge in the industry, and what is required to obtain a diploma or degree to help students land the career of their dreams.

These events are engaging, interactive and packed with resources to set future generations up for success in the workforce. See out full list of Career Expos, and join these FREE events and let the career discovery begin!

“Through Build a Dream, we have a better understanding of what resources to use, and we know more about job pathways that are typically dismissed”

Grade 12 Student from Pembroke, ON


Our Career Guide is an in depth, detailed guide that provides information and resources on career planning. This Career Guide highlights where to start the career discovery process, what is necessary to start career planning, highlighting various careers, while also encouraging the reader to start their own career self exploration. This guide supports parents, and educators in facilitating conversation around career aspirations, skills, interests, and setting and achieving goals.

Access our Career Guide, and start looking towards the future!

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