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#HerPower Tools Application

#HerPower Tools Application

#HerPower Tools Application

The #HerPower Tools program is open to young women throughout most of Canada (participants in Quebec are not eligible at this time). 

Selection Process

From May 2022 to April 2023, up to 20 participants will be chosen each month based on:

  • the video or written submission; and,
  • the number of applications received; and,
  • regional population (35% from B.C./Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba; 50% from Ontario; 10% Maritime Provinces and 5% from Northwest Territories/Nunavut/Yukon). 

Eligibility Guidelines

Open to young women who: 

Will enroll in 2022 (or are currently enrolled in), a secondary school youth apprenticeship program (i.e., OYAP.) or registered apprenticeship program, or alternate apprenticeship program in Canada. 


Will register or are registered in a pre-apprenticeship, or apprenticeship training program with a third party provider (i.e. Canadian Union of Skilled Workers, Women’s Enterprise Skills Training, or other accredited apprenticeship training organization).


Will enroll in 2022 or are enrolled in a college skilled trades program (1- or 2-year program). 


Will enroll in 2022 or are enrolled in a college or university Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math program. (3- or 4-year program).

Entrants must also:

  1. Be over 18 years of age or have permission from a parent/guardian.
  2. Provide validation of enrolment in youth or pre-apprenticeship, apprenticeship, or a college skilled trades program.
  3. Submit a 15-second video or 150-word paragraph indicating why you chose to explore the apprenticeship pathway, skilled trades program, and/or career path. *Please note: your submission is for selection purposes only and will not be shared publicly.
  4. Agree to participate in the #HerPower Tools Pledge (the #HerPower Tools Pledge will last for 1 year from the time of selection).

#HerPower Tools Pledge

As a participant in the #HerPower Tools program, I pledge:

  • To participate in an interview with a Build a Dream team member, 3 times a year, to talk about my experiences, successes and challenges, through my journey into a trades career.
  • Attend a virtual event designed to connect me with industry, employers, coaches, and community partners.

Build a Dream’s #HerPower Tools program will pledge to provide you with:

  • Access to video resources that will help you understand a wide variety of skilled trades careers.
  • Provide access to Coaches who can provide advice and support.
  • Networking opportunities with industry, employers and other organizations related to your skilled trades journey.

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