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Women in Industry Photoshoot 2022

Women in Industry Photoshoot 2022


Please contact us to access professional photos for use in media and organizational materials.


To try to help break down gender stereotypes of certain types of jobs, Build a Dream partnered with a professional photographer to show women working in careers where they are often overlooked. For many industries, especially those facing skills gaps, it’s time to show off the opportunities that are out there for women.



Kelly Krafchick and Lindsay O’Neil


Tara Ramey, Ania Bialecki, and Mary Lynn Lister Santavy

London Fire Department

Shannon Byron, Maria, Taylor Peters, Kevin Culbertson, Diane Lebold, and Patricia Brooks

North American Trade Schools

Mike Parker, Linda Oliveira, Shelly Shepherd, Madeline Propper, Sarah Douglas, Maddison Kelly-Gadoury, and Bridget Green

Spark Power

Spark Power – Hamilton

Sydney Emery and Teresa Blue

Spark Power – Mississauga

Maddie Stark

Subaru of London

Christel Nelson

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada

Laura-Lee Marshall, April, Randy Smith, and Meredith Ferau

United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America

Mulisius Joe

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