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Industry Programs

Industry Programs

As our team works to educate young women, and under represented communities about career exploration, and securing a career in Skilled Trades, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), Emergency Response, Entrepreneurship and more.

It is our mission to highlight career opportunities that are inclusive, diverse and equitable, while working with our industry partners to attract, recruit, retain and advance our future industry leaders through our various industry specific programs, and put their businesses directly in front of future leaders to carry their businesses forward, creating a winning workforce for all.

Investing in Build a Dream = Investing in Building & Diversifying your Workforce


Our Inclusive Culture Workplace Workshop, aims to further the commitment to cultivating and sustaining a welcoming and inclusive workplace environment for all. This workshop and additional resources will guide employers through different strategies for building and preserving an inclusive workplace environment, one that will propel the workforce forward, creating an equitable industry where we all win.


The Recruiting for Diversity program aims to help in pursuing the commitment to diversifying the workforce. This program aids employers with understanding the importance and benefits of cultivating a diverse workforce, and supporting them through the search, recruitment and hiring process to create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable staff.

Join the diversity and inclusion movement, recruit for the future, today!

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