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Join the movement! As a parent, student, or working professional, get involved and work alongside us to move our message and mission forward. Here is how you can get involved!


We count on our committed volunteers throughout the year, assisting with various projects and events. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, experience new opportunities, and strengthen community ties. Volunteering allows you to demonstrate and enhance current skills, while also learning new ones that can increase future opportunities.

Please send your resume and letter of intent to


As a Build a Dream Mentor, you will provide valuable career insight and advice to young audiences, and their parents. We have many channels in which we connect with young women, to connect with them and highlight different careers, while also spotlighting women in the industry that act as mentors. This is done through podcast interviews, Facebook Live Q&As, and at Build a Dream Career Discovery Expos, that are hosted virtually and in person.

What you share does matter!


Women are largely under-represented  in the following fields: skilled trades,  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), emergency response and entrepreneurship.  If you work in one of these industries  we invite you to be a part of our Her  Power Council. It is here where we  meet every 2 months to connect as  industry professionals, to discuss  strategic direction, resources and  support for women in connecting them  to new career paths.  

Join us to empower young women, and  fuel the #herpower we know women have.


  • Women in skilled  trades, STEM (Science,  Technology, Engineering  and Mathematics),  emergency response and  entrepreneurship. 
  • One year commitment 
  • Bi monthly meeting attendance required
  • Participation in  organizational initiatives 


Diversifying the thought leadership within your team can increase your team’s capacity to consider new perspectives, to think outside the box, and to develop innovative new ideas that push your business forward.

The Workforce Innovators Network (WIN) is a place for you to join the movement and demonstrate your commitment to creating more-balanced (work)places. 

Our team collaborates with speakers and community leaders to share best practices for business inclusivity and offers that information and expertise for organizations to access.

Contact us to book a speaker and take bold actions.

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