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A young voice is an important one in the municipal election

Do you vote? As a young adult, you might feel that the election is not relevant, or feel that decisions made by the politicians do not affect you, but municipal politicians make decisions about things that affect your life every day.

Councillors bring forward issues that concern the residents in their ward and that includes you. Councilors and the mayor also make decisions about city services like land use planning and economic development, as well as major services like public transit and libraries. If you are a student who takes the bus or if you are starting your own business or are looking for a job, what your city council is doing is important.

When you get out and vote, you are helping influence what occurs in the city. Your vote does matter! Voter turnout is very low in Ontario. In the 2014 municipal election in the City of Windsor, only 37.46% of eligible voters participated; 43.2% in London. That means that less than half of the population in your city made decisions for everyone!

On October 22, if you want a council that represents you, get to your local polling station and cast your vote!

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