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5 Tips to Make Your Shop Floor More Inclusive

If you struggle to recruit women or other under-represented groups to your company, it might be time to take a new approach.

To change the representation on your shop floor, you don’t need to change the qualifications that are required…what has to change is the lens that you look through for recruitment and assessment.

  1. Consider the language of your company policies. Don’t thing female policy, think family policy.
  2. Review your public-facing assets. Does your website (or other materials) demonstrate diversity?
  3. Evaluate your recruitment methods. Access new networks for recruiting.
  4. Build industry partnerships. Start to build your own network.
  5. Forgive yourself, and learn along the way. Ask for help!

Read Manufacturing Automation magazine’s Builders and Dreamers: diversity and inclusion key to solving shop-floor worker shortage for more insight on implementing the above steps, and to find out what Build a Dream is doing to build a balanced workforce.

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