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Are you deterring talent? 7 ways to attract more diversity in applicants.

If you have already tried to attract the other 50% of the workforce without much success, it’s time to start asking questions about how your company is presented and perceived.

Did you know that something as simple as your website could be discouraging female applicants? With a looming skills gap — and data that proves diverse and inclusive teams are more profitable — you don’t want to be turning away top talent due to simple oversight.

Even companies who are taking large steps to build a diverse and inclusive workforce can (sometimes unintentionally) have initiatives in place that discourage applicants, inhibit advancement or prevent retention.

If you want to benefit from what a balanced workforce can offer, use these questions to get some important conversations going:

  • Do promotional materials (like your website) spotlight diversity?
  • Is pay equity a priority? And have you identified how to close gaps if inequality exists?
  • Do employees know what resources are available to them (including training opportunities, HR resources, etc.)?
  • Are employees given equal opportunities for mentoring, sharing input, etc.?
  • Have you checked company policies so that they do not favour a specific gender (i.e. focus on family-friendly policies not just female-friendly policies)
  • Do application forms or performance reviews contain (unintentional) bias?
  • Does your workplace offer a positive environment where everyone feels welcome?

Diverse and inclusive teams just make sense. They are more innovative, more profitable, and solve problems in less time with less meetings. To tap into new talent and bring better teams to your company, start asking questions and work to reduce barriers that are preventing you from hiring (and retaining) the best.

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