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Trades Campus – Academy #1 (May)

To ensure women are supported at every stage, Build a Dream has developed Trades Campus, a supportive, engaging, interactive online learning portal designed to address the specific needs of under-represented groups in skilled trades.

Each of the campus’ three academies focuses on the group’s unique needs and equips them with mentorship/role models, support, and much-needed resources.

Academy 1: Students, Pre-Apprentices, and/or Trades as a Second Career

This virtual academy will introduce women in tech classes, youth apprenticeship, or pre-apprenticeship programs (as well as women pursuing trades as a second career) to the benefit and barriers often associated with skilled trades. Using a combination of synchronous online classes, videos and asynchronous presentations, participants will learn more about what to expect with a career in the skilled trades. Overall, the academy focuses on awareness, sharing goals, and getting ready for the next steps.

Dates: May 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26
Time: 6:00 – 7:00 PM EST

*Please connect to the Zoom calls at 5:45 PM to receive your Uber Eats voucher codes

Lesson 1 (May 10) – Building my Skilled Trades Pathway Lesson 2 (May 12) – Skilled & Safe / Finding Workwear that Fits my Body Lesson 3 (May 17) – I am Confident. I am Well. Lesson 4 (May 19) – Preparing for the Jobsite Lesson 5 (May 24) – Money Talks Lesson 6 (May 26) – Planning Your Next Steps

Portfolio Builder

Below is a link to the Portfolio Builder template. This will be worked on after each lesson of Trades Campus. Please open the PowerPoint document, create a copy of it and save it on your computer/device so that you can access it throughout the program.

Portfolio – Academy 1.pptx


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