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Trades Campus – Academy #2 (May)

To ensure women are supported at every stage, Build a Dream has developed Trades Campus, a supportive, engaging, interactive online learning portal designed to address the specific needs of under-represented groups in skilled trades.

Each of the campus’ three academies focuses on the group’s unique needs and equips them with mentorship/role models, support, and much-needed resources.

Academy 2: Apprentices & Journeypersons

This virtual academy will focus on women who are already in the trades. Using a combination of synchronous online classes, videos and asynchronous presentations, participants will learn about resources available, skills required to advance, and how to build their network. Overall, the academy focuses on networking, sharing goals, and planning future moves.

Dates: May 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26
Time: 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST

*Please connect to the Zoom calls at 6:45 PM to receive your Uber Eats voucher codes

Lesson 1 (May 10) – Building my Skilled Trades Pathway Lesson 2 (May 12) – Skilled & Safe / Finding Workwear that Fits my Body Lesson 3 (May 17) – Confidence in Building Your Career Lesson 4 (May 19) – Harassment in the Workplace Lesson 5 (May 24) – Money Talks Lesson 6 (May 26) – Planning the Next Steps & Continuing the Conversation

Portfolio Builder

Below is a link to the Portfolio Builder template. This will be worked on after each lesson of Trades Campus. Please open the PowerPoint document, create a copy of it and save it on your computer/device so that you can access it throughout the program.

Portfolio – Academy 2.pptx


Networking Document

Link to the document below:

Networking Document – Academy 2

The purpose of this networking document is to allow Trades Campus participants to network amongst each other beyond the course dates/Zoom calls. In the hopes of keeping the conversation going, we ask you to do the following: 

  1. Join the Trades Campus Facebook Group at this link: Trades Campus Facebook Group
  1. Fill in a row of the table with your networking information (name, contact information (email and/or phone number), a photo (if you wish), a bio of yourself/quick description of your interests and what you do). 
  1. Save the link to this document in your browser bookmarks so that you may access it down the road if you wish to reach out to another participant for support! 

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