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Journey of a Pizza – Skilled Trades Teaching Resource

Woman sitting with pizza boxes on her lap.

We love teaching at Build a Dream and helping to provide teachers with free resources to encourage their students to learn more about the opportunities around them. 

We are offering a FREE download of our Journey of a Pizza resource for teachers or parents who want to look into careers for their children. 

It’s amazing how many skilled trades go into making a pizza. 

How many jobs do you think it takes to make one? 

Two? Maybe three? 

A chef, a cashier, and a delivery person. Maybe the person who built the building the pizza shop is in? 

Sure, that’s some of the jobs. But what if I told you there were over 70 skilled trades jobs that go into making a pizza? 

Yes, that’s right! Over 70!  

We’re talking from farm to your table and the roads in-between. 

Take a minute and see if you can name at least five skilled trade jobs that go into making a pizza. 


Give up? No worries. Take a look here and make sure to download our free teaching resource Journey of a Pizza – How many skilled trades does it take to make pizza possible? 

Additional Resources About Skilled Trades & STEM

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  • Parents: Want to learn more about getting into the skilled trades in Ontario as a career? Check out our resources page here for information on OYAP, experiential learning, and other career exploration.  
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