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Larsen & Shaw Limited create talent pipeline for young women

Larsen & Shaw Ltd is the biggest manufacturer of hinges in Canada. Piano hinges. Pin and barrel hinges for architectural use. Custom designs. Steel, aluminum, brass, nickel-plated. 

Mary Jane Bushell

They’re not just a leader in the hinge industry though, they are leading the way in workforce diversification as well.  According to the energetic President and CEO, Mary Jane Bushell, women make up about 20% of Larsen & Shaw’s 100-person workforce. That compares to the average of only 5.6% of employed women in Canada who work in manufacturing.

Impressive numbers, especially considering the challenges of attracting people to work in a small town and make products that we use every day but often overlook.  

Diversity is nothing new for Larsen & Shaw. A balanced and diverse workforce has been part of their culture since 1919. They’ve created a talent pipeline through outreach and engagement with high schools, colleges and universities to showcase career opportunities to young women that include robotics, automation and electronics. They offer job shadowing, co-op placement, pre-apprenticeship and they’re quick to connect women interested in a career in precision metal stamping with experienced workers.  

Larsen & Shaw has also partnered with Build a Dream to further showcase what they do as part of Build a Dream Bruce-Grey, on November 19, 2019.

At the career discovery expo, Ms. Bushell will be part of the Dream Maker panel, a group of female role models who share stories about their career journeys and give advice, “Always go see and discover what it’s all about,” Bushell advises young women exploring new opportunities. “There has never been a better time for women to expand into this space to enjoy challenging and rewarding careers.”

Larsen & Shaw knows that their company’s culture could hinge on the next person they teach, train, or hire and are ready to welcome new students into their progressive space.

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