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Limited by uncertainty? 5 tips for carrying on

During these times of financial uncertainty – and based on the announcement that non-essential operations should close — what can small businesses can do to carry on?

1- ????? ?????? ?????: Have visitors shop online or view photos of products online and call you to order. If you can deliver (or partner with another company making deliveries) be sure to offer this option.

  • Need a fast and simple way to create an online gallery? Use your Facebook account to post photos with a description and your phone number.
  • Need to accept credit cards? Sign up for a service like PayPal to make it easier for you and customers to process payments.

2- ?????? ??????: Use your phone to record videos with tips or DIY instructions to keep your brand awareness going.

  • Choose your favourite social media platform, set up your phone and go. You are filled with knowledge that you can share.

3- ???? ?? ?????: If you have an email newsletter send out updates on what you are doing to keep busy. Don’t have one? Now’s a great time to start!

  • If you have a few email addresses to start, send them in a regular email (but put all of the recipients in the BCC line to hide them).
  • When your list starts to grow into double digits, use a service like MailChimp to avoid spam issues. If you can use Word, you can use MailChimp for your updates.

4- ??? ???????? ???? ??????????: If you normally assess jobs in person, see if there is a way to use video chat to make an initial assessment.

5- ???????? ???????: If your business requires you to meet with customers, let them know ahead of time what precautions you are taking.

  • What are you doing to ensure that you are staying healthy? Tell clients what steps you are taking whether it’s wearing gloves and masks in their home, changing coveralls between jobs, not sharing tools, etc.

These are difficult times but Canadians are looking for ways to help keep small businesses afloat. Keep in touch with your clients and contact us to share what you are doing to operate in a new way or a new location.

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