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Make 2023 Your Year!

Three tips for making this the best year yet.

Happy 2023! This year, we’re dedicated to becoming the best versions of ourselves possible. Through lots of learning and unlearning, we’re determined to make 2023 our year!

Here are three tips for making 2023 your year too.

Learn the power of yes and no.


Learn to pick and choose this year! Saying no may seem negative, but think of it this way – when you say yes to something you’re unsure of, you could be saying no to something potentially important.

The key is to think things over to be as intentional as possible. If you have the smallest gut feeling that something isn’t right, don’t be afraid to say no! Learn to understand your value, talents, and potential. Don’t take yourself (or your time) for granted!

Be unapologetic all the time.


Stop apologizing so much! Saying sorry for being who you are, or for feeling your emotions, can negatively impact your self-worth. When you apologize for who you are, it implies that there is something wrong with who you are. This could not be less true!

Take the time this year to set firm and healthy boundaries with yourself and with others. Additionally, creating clear expectations for how you ought to act, as well as how you want others to act, can help to guide you to your full potential. Refuse to compromise who you are to conform to anyone’s standards.

Get enough sleep.


There is nothing in the world worth losing sleep over. It can wait until tomorrow! The science speaks for itself – sleep is incredibly important for good health! Getting a good night’s sleep can improve your brain performance and your mood. Sleeping is like a reset time for your brain. It helps prepare your brain to learn, remember, and create.

Try to stick to a solid sleep schedule this year, even on weekends! Limit time spent on your phone beforehand (try reading a book, writing, or drawing before bed instead). Creating a good sleeping environment is also essential – make sure you’re as comfortable as possible!

Here’s to 2023!

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